Sonokids® Ballyland™ Rotor App


The Sonokids Ballyland Rotor App is designed and developed by John Norgaard and Phia Damsma of Sonokids. Concept, artwork, songs and stories: Sonokids. All copyright: Sonokids ©2016.

Programming: Craig Cashmore, PeppaCode Pty Ltd

Design 3D model Ballicopter: Dennis Damsma

The Sonokids team would like to acknowledge the following people for their contribution to the development of the app:
• The children who tested the Ballyland Magic app, and their parents.
• Specialist Teachers (Vision Impairment)
• Steve Sparrow, voice-over in the app
• Dennis Damsma, Design Engineer, Expert Consultant

Special mention goes to:
• Professor Tony Webber
• Hajé Shops, Hotels & Restaurants, The Netherlands
• And very special thanks to our biggest contributor: Clinical Network Services Queensland Australia

The development of the Ballyland Rotor App was made possible thanks to all who supported the Sonokids Crowd Funding campaign. List of backers.

List of backers

The following people have made possible the development of Ballyland Rotor (listed in alphabetical order):

Nicole Anthonysz, Birgit Bach, Jess Baird, Patricia Baird, Patsy Baumann, Lynda Bluck, Tineke Boersma, Amanda Cepero, Brian Conway, Dennis Damsma, Henry Damsma, Otto Damsma, Deb Davidson, Deployus Pty Ltd, Angie Edwards, Mathias Elmose, Corrie and Ian Forrester, Pauline Hall-Caythery, Terry Hands, Raquelle Hannen-Williams, Kay and Noel Hodges, Savannah Hunt, Rochelle Hutson, Inner Wheel Club of Broadbeach, John & Kaylene, Christine Jones, Bob de Jong, Marie Jorden, Jordy & Rebecca, Jeff Kelly, Anne Kirkham, Michelle Knight, L J Koester, Rene Kuiper, Learn Safari, Kenneth Lee, Mike McCluskey, Helen Meijer, Libby and Guy Metzger, Mieke en Stefan, Pam and Steve Pagram, Marg and Dave Reynolds, Ian Sawyer, Denise Sax, Sebastian & Luciana, A M Spencer, Nicolle Spijkerman, Jessica & Tiaan van der Walt, Dawn Wilkinson, Matilda Wilson.

If you are listed, but would like to be removed, or if you feel that your name has been omitted from the list, please contact us!

Major Contributors:
• Professor Tony Webber,
• Hajé Shops, Hotels & Restaurants, The Netherlands

• Clinical Network Services Queensland Australia

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