Educational outcomes

Special skills

Ballyland not only enables safe and easy play and learning by children who are blind, but the games are also specifically designed to assist them to develop essential foundation keyboarding and keyboard ‘mapping’ skills that will benefit their future use of computer technology.
Blind girl playing Ballyland The Key Games in a playful way introduce the formal use of Enter key, Spacebar, Escape key and Left and Right Arrowkeys. While useful for all children, these keys have particular importance for children who will in the future rely on the keyboard to navigate and control the computer, for instance with screenreader software.

Fore more details, see Ballyland for children who have vision impairment →

General skills

The program enables a young child to play independently for a short period of time, and to safely explore the computer keyboard. The inclusive design helps young children with general learning disabilities also interact more effectively with the computer.

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