Game design and programming:
Phia Damsma and John Norgaard, Sonokids Foundation.

Graphic artwork:
Dennis Damsma.

Natalija Lambert and Anna Elmose.

Thanks for testing and help during development to:

Michelle Knight and Mike Corrigan, Access Technology Consultants, Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children, Sydney, Australia.

Rob Jones and Isabelle Jones, St Joseph's Primary School for Children with Visual Impairment, Dublin, Ireland.

Rebecca Harris, Australia

Peter op't Hof and Bram Duvigneau, The Netherlands.

And last but not least many thanks to the children who have tested Ballyland:

Natalija (8), Dang Can (5), Hayden (6), Jemima (5), Simra (4),
Elle (4), Coby, and Eileanoir.

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Child playing Ballyland

Babbaloony on the train

Child playing Ballyland

Tinkleball at the door to the farm

Child playing Ballyland

The Ballylanders looking at a xylophone