About Sonokids

Sonokids is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the development of innovative, educational computer programs that are accessible and fun for young people with a disability, in particular taking into account the challenges and special needs of children who are blind or have low vision.

The core value underlying Sonokids, which permeates all projects, is that the Internet and Information Technology provide an opportunity for all children and young people to participate equally and inclusively, regardless of a disability.

The Sonokids team aims to have as many children as possible benefit from playful learning in Ballyland.
Even though no funding was received for the development of this unique program, prices are kept at a non-commercial, very affordable level.

Please, visit our website at www.sonokids.org

Email: mail@sonokids.org


Finalist National Australian Disability Awards

Sonokids Australia’s Ballyland Early Learning Software was a Finalist for the 10th National Australian Disability Awards, in the category Excellence in Accessible Technology.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was watching our presentation.

Yahoo! 'Internet for Good' Gold Standard awards 2012

Award diploma

Sonokids Australia was announced as the inaugural winner of the Yahoo! 'Internet for Good' Gold Standard awards 2012. The organisation secured the award for the All Abilities ePlayground project which is directed at increasing internet access to young children with disabilities. The award was presented by Kuek Yu Chuang, regional director of public policy at Yahoo! Asia Pacific, to Phia Damsma, the director of Sonokids Australia, at a gala reception held at The Foreign Correspondents’ Club in Hong Kong on December 6 2012.

2012 Women in Technology Professional Award

Phia Damsma receive the award

Phia Damsma, Co-founder and Director of Sonokids, was announced as the winner of the 2012 Women in Technology Professional Award, sponsored by HP. The WiT awards aim to promote and showcase the achievements of women in technology industries.

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