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Are you a parent or educator of a young child who is blind or has low vision?

Are you a parent or educator of a young child who is blind or has low vision, and have you been looking for a way to introduce him or her to an iPad? Sonokids’ fun Ballyland iPad games help children on their way, from their first introduction to touch screen interaction, to the development of essential touch gestures for VoiceOver!
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iPad with the cover of Ballyland Magic App. Squeaky is looking up from inside a tophat

The Ballyland software range of early technology training further includes:

Ballyland Any Key Goes keyboarding software

the menu of the Ballyland keyboarding software

The Ballyland software for keyboarding skills introduces young children to early, foundation keyboarding skills on a standard QWERTY keyboard. These skills are important for future use of assistive technology. In the world of the Ballylanders, the keys form a landscape filled with stories, songs and sounds, which the child can explore and enjoy.
For Windows PC’s and Apple desktop and laptop computers with a physical keyboard.

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Inclusive Design Tech Training

With Sonokids’ Ballyland software, children with vision impairment can play and develop foundation technology skills together with their sighted friends and siblings. Ballyland resources can be easily tied in with real-life activities and curriculum, and can be shared and enjoyed regardless of a disability. Having proficient digital skills is essential for all children, for equal opportunities in education and future employment. Ballyland empowers children by building their technology skills.

Sonokids Ballyland Early Learning Software was a Finalist for Excellence in Accessible Technology in the 2016 National Australian Disability Awards.


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